The Scalers Builds Expert Development Team for Hypergrowth Startup

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The Scalers Builds Expert Development Team for Hypergrowth Startup

When Rewards launched their platform, they couldn’t have anticipated its exceptional early success. Unfortunately, their software wasn’t designed for such heavy traffic, and it began to buckle under the pressure.

We built a custom development team to bring solid foundations to Rewards, and allow them to grow without restriction.

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revenue is a truly digital business. Online gamers use their platform to bid for video game skins (things like weapons, maps, and character apparel) which can then be used in their favourite games.

“We were in a rush. Users were coming by the million and our website struggling to keep up. The Scalers allowed us to quickly build a development team that overhauled our product and sustained our hyper growth.”

Leonard Dupuis, CEO, Rewards

Exceptional Growth
on a Mediocre Platform

When Rewards first launched, the company understood their target audience and had a good feeling about the venture. What they hadn’t predicted was that the platform would become a viral sensation within months of going online.

After 90 days, they had reached 80 million product views and reached 3 million registered users. There was only one problem: their website was collapsing under the pressure.

No one could have predicted this growth rate, and the software infrastructure was incapable of handling the demand. Users were waiting over 5 minutes for page loads, and system design flaws meant delays of weeks, even months, for their giveaways to arrive.

Rewards desperately needed help. The good news is, they found it.

State of the Art Software,
Built to Last

While the problems affecting Rewards were considerable, they were still fundamentally simple: they needed a top-class software platform to handle demand, satisfy customers, and allow the company to grow.

In just four weeks, we recruited two top-tier web developers, each with over 10 years’ experience. Six months later, this 2-person team delivered a brand-new, state of the art platform from scratch. And it worked like a charm.

At the same time, Rewards was facing a backlog of problems in the form of pending tickets from bidders – many had been waiting over 3 months for their skins. With the French team understaffed and unable to respond, we provided a guiding hand.

By recruiting a user operations analyst with a strong gaming background into the team, we plugged this gap. They handled customer support, community management, and even some SEO across the Rewards platform.

The 3-person team collaborated with Paris everyday, and thanks to agile project management, regularly delivered important updates.

The Development Team Enables
Revenue Boost and Continued Growth

As a direct result of the development team’s efforts, Rewards’ revenue stream went through the roof.

By hiring the user operations expert, ticket resolution time dropped by 60%, and the management was able to focus on other critical tasks. The entire code and underlying architecture of the platform had been redesigned.

Within six months, the majority of outstanding issues faced by Rewards users had been resolved.

The revamped user interface prompted an influx of new subscribers – the site welcomed 5 million unique visitors in the first week after refactoring – and allowed Rewards to partner with high profile content creators to promote their brand.

Implementing suitable product management methods for Rewards led to strong partnerships with web advertisers, further growing their revenue stream.

From top to bottom, the Rewards platform was completely transformed. Users were now enjoying a world-class, cutting-edge website which was fully optimised to deliver what they wanted.

All thanks to a strategically built, high-talent offshore development team.


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