Nextpoint gains offshore Ruby on Rails team and launches new product

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  • 11-person team of in-demand specialists

  • 10+ key releases deployed

  • Launched a groundbreaking serverless product


Nextpoint’s specialist tech stack was causing a problem. Finding candidates knowledgeable in Ruby on Rails, AWS, and Javascript was a real challenge in the US. When they did find candidates or train new developers, they risked being poached by tech companies with more recruitment pull.

This challenge, in addition to the CEOs desire to give back to his home country, India, led Nextpoint to work with other offshore companies. The results, were poor. Either they couldn’t find candidates with the right knowledge or there was a culture mismatch. They knew that moving offshore could solve their hiring headaches, but they couldn’t find the right partner who matched their company culture.

Until one day the CEO discovered The Scalers.

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  • Location: Chicago, US
  • Industry: Legal
  • Number of employees: 85+
  • Partnership since: 2022
Katey Herforth
Katy Herforth
Director of People Operations, Nextpoint

The quality of service from The Scalers is unmatched. We’ve been extremely happy with the talent we’ve been able to onboard. The one-stop nature of The Scalers going beyond just recruitment has been key for our success, and they’re great people to work with too.


Building the team

Doing their due diligence

Nextpoint’s executive team thought The Scalers’ model sounded perfect. A little too perfect. The focus on high-quality candidates and creating a workplace where every employee thrives sounded exactly what they were looking for; an offshore hub that embodied Nextpoint’s people-first culture. Despite some scepticism, the CEO indulged in some sales calls. Along with the VP of Engineering, he visited the offices in person while considering other bids.

Nextpoint's executive team

Zero upfront investment

What they saw and the conversations with the People and Culture team convinced them to give The Scalers a try. They agreed to see if The Scalers could find the developers they needed. The number and quality of the initial resumes impressed Nextpoint’s leadership. Soon enough, they had agreed to partner with the Scalers to build their dream team in Bangalore.

Zero upfront investment

A team with 6 Ruby on Rails specialists

Nextpoint believes in being selective. By only selecting candidates with the right cultural fit, they ensure their whole team works together. To make sure Nextpoint could take advantage of Bangalore’s immense talent pool, The Scalers created a localised employer branding strategy and assets to attract an abundance of quality engineers. Soon, Nextpoint had found two candidates that passed The Scalers’ rigorous 7-step recruitment process. Five months after kickoff, the core team of six Ruby on Rails developers and one AWS developer were in place.

Right cultural fit
position hired

Positions hired:

  • AWS Developer
  • Front-end Developer
  • Mid-level Ruby on Rails Developer
  • Lead Ruby on Rails Developer
  • Senior Site Reliability Engineer


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Javascript

Running operations

Onboarding to Nextpoint’s standards

Nextpoint has been around for over 20 years and has detailed, established onboarding processes. These are essential not just for passing on technical knowledge but making sure every new hire learns the culture of the company. Anjali, The Scalers’s Partner Success Manager for Nextpoint, gathered all the requirements, coordinated meetings between Nextpoint and The Scalers’ People and Culture team, and established a detailed plan so every new hire was onboarded properly.

Onboarding to Nextpoint’s standards

Fully managed operations

Nextpoint knew they needed a local partner to manage their operations, especially considering the timezone difference. It was a key reason for choosing The Scalers over other partners. As The Scalers take care of all the admin, payroll, HR, engagement and training, Nextpoint only needed to make minor changes to their meeting times.

Fully managed operations

A unified team in multiple time zones

Thanks to modern communication and task management tools as well as knowledge transfer calls, collaboration has been as easy as with local teams. Plus, having a team working across different hours has provided a productivity boost as projects with more office hours. And with regular joining engagement activities and monthly internal knowledge-sharing talks, the development team are united despite their differences.

A unified team in multiple time zones

Scaling without limits

Meeting the 11-person team face-to-face

Within 8 months, the initial hires had onboarded faster and ramped up quicker than their US counterparts which meant they contributed to Nextpoint’s groundbreaking server-less product launch. Nextpoint was convinced to expand their team to a total of 11, adding a scrum master, additional Ruby on Rails developers, and a JS developer. To support this larger team, one engineer was promoted to team lead and the Nextpoint leadership set off to Bangalore to meet everyone face-to-tace for the first time.

Meeting the 11-person team face-to-face

Expanding in the future

The team has performed above expectations with candidates onboarding faster and ramping up quicker. One exceptional candidate is in line to be promoted while there are also plans to expand their Bangalore team in 2024. The first work trip is set to become a regular occurrence with bi-annual trips from members of the US team to help build trust and collaboration across borders. Plus, due to the abundance of talent in India, any replacement roles are likely to be sourced there too.

Expanding in the future
Sirisha Surisetty
Sirisha Surisetty
VP of Engineering, Nextpoint

There’s nothing quite like The Scalers where our employees are literally our employees, not coming through any third party company. They know our culture, and our clients so they can execute meaningful code and deliver meaningful features.


A specialist tech team
for the future

Nextpoint’s Bangalore office has provided a scalable hub for its unique tech stack. The rich talent pool and rigorous recruitment secured top candidates who have made significant contributions to Nextpoint’s products. The Scalers’ unique model eliminated the challenges of working with a team split across multiple time zones. The whole company has benefited from training and engagement programmes being deployed company-wide. It’s no surprise that Nextpoint is planning to expand its footprint.

Specialist tech team

Long-term wins

Accelerated product delivery

First choice location for new hires

Adopted training and engagement ideas from The Scalers