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“We started with a clean slate to create a simple and efficient offshoring model. We find the best engineers, then put together the perfect team for your business.”

Emilien Coquard
CEO, Co-Founder

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Building a talented software development team in India has never been so easy. Our hands-off model let you focus on your business while we take care of the administration. Entirely integrated with your vision and mission, your new team will soon become your most strategic asset.

How It Works
How It Works


With 100 interviews for every hire, our bulletproof recruitment method lets you access the top talent. Technical skills, communication, and cultural fit, we leave no stone unturned when building your A-team.
How We Find Talent
Technical Expertise
Technical Expertise
Candidates go through intensive technical testing conducted by our tech team.
Cultural Fit
Cultural Fit
Cultural integration is paramount to ensure that communication flows.
Team Work
Team Work
Building well-functioning teams that will push your product forward.

Highly Talented Developers

“We were struggling to find talented developers in Paris. We found them in Bangalore with The Scalers. It’s amazing to see how they have pushed our business forward.”

Olivier Billon, CEO, Ykone
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Olivier Billon, CEO, Ykone


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