MARTECH SOFTWARE TEAM Increase the ROI of development

Marketing technology is a constant battle to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right person. Leverage the latest technology advancements, stay ahead of regulation, and prevent security threats with a dedicated team of top experts. We’ll find, manage, and scale a cost-optimal team of MarTech experts from Bangalore’s vast talent pool of engineers and marketing experts, fully integrated with your company and culture.

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Gain niche skills

By building an offshore team in the “Silicon Valley of Asia”, you can scale a team of experts in any skill or role you need.

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Increase delivery

Get more from your hiring budget and take advantage of the lower overheads in Bangalore, India, to deliver value to users faster.

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Complete visibility

Manage your offshore team just like your in-house team. Use the same systems and workflows for complete visibility and management.

SECTOR EXPERTISE Custom-built MarTech engineering teams

Advertising technology

Advertising Technology (AdTech)

Advertising isn’t new but the technology behind it is advancing fast, creating new formats, opportunities for optimisation, as well as ways for users to block ads. Get a team to develop solutions to optimise and manage ad campaigns for greater ROI.

Influence markerting

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are a vital channel to reach audiences and build trust in today’s creator economy. By extending your team, you can create tools to aid influencers, or streamline collaborations between brands and influencers to help manage campaigns and measure performance.

Mobile Marketing

Smartphones and mobile devices are almost extensions of their user. Leverage location, notifications, and device information combined with the power of automations, big data and AI, to create solutions to deliver highly personal and targeted marketing campaigns.

Omnichannel Marketing

Provide seamless customer experiences and marketing journeys across multiple touchpoints and devices. Integrate disparate platforms within a cohesive strategy to increase lifetime value by connecting with users at the right time, on the right channel.

Content Marketing

Content is at the heart of marketing campaigns and creating, distributing, managing, and analysing are challenges for all. Get an offshore team to develop solutions that optimise content marketing, leveraging human and AI expertise.

Social Media

Connecting directly with customers and clients can help build trust, but the growing number of platforms to be active on is a constant challenge. Leverage Bangalore tech talent to create solutions to schedule content, listen to audiences, and track performance.

Marketing Automation

The Internet has made the world your market place requiring campaigns to run 24/7, be tailored to each person, and self-optimising. Leverage MarTech software development solutions to reduce admin, increase accuracy, and deliver personalised campaigns.

Marketing Analytics

Data is key for effective marketing campaigns. Get a MarTech software development team to build custom solutions to track, analyse, and visualise your marketing campaigns, integrating data sources and leveraging the latest tech like AI.

How to scale fast with global development
Scaling innovation: Preqin case study

How we helped Preqin establish a 450+ person global R&D centre in India


RICH TALENT POOL Bangalore: MarTech talent hub

HubSpot, Zoom, Konnect, Zoho, VWO — just a few MarTech giants who have development centres in Bangalore, sometimes known as the “Silicon Valley of Asia”. Our 7-step recruitment process secures the top 1% of Bangalore’s more than 2 million tech talent pool, and our unique model means you get a team that’s truly yours. Your employees, your systems, your culture. So you can scale fast and scale sustainably.

Front-end Developer
ERP Developer
Back-end Developer
Project Manager
Scrum Master
Full-stack Developer
Data Analyst
UI Designer/Developer
Mobile App Developer
API Developer
Cloud Developer
DevOps Engineer
Systems Architect
Security Engineer
Integration Specialist
UX Researcher
Business Analyst
Product Owner
Content Management Specialist
Machine Learning Engineer
Quality Assurance Engineer
Database Administrator
…and more

WHY CHOOSE THE SCALERS The smarter way to scale

Our unique model gives you a team in India so good it feels in-house. And we handle all the hassle.

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Hired just for you

We speak to 100 candidates for every position, and test them against your specific requirements, so you only get the best.

Tech teams built to last

Your team gets regular engagement activities and team building, so you get happy employees who stay on average 3-5 years.

Grow on demand

Our turnkey recruitment process gets the top 1% talent from Bangalore’s 2M+ talent pool, so you can scale whenever you need.

MARTECH SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Your dedicated offshore team can help you with

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Marketing and advertising platforms

Create custom marketing and advertising platforms to increase you and your partners’ reach. Connect with influencers, optimise ad campaigns, and automate marketing tasks to drive engagement and ROI.

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Data analytics & visualisation

Make data-driven marketing decisions with custom data analytics and visualisation solutions. Your dedicated team can integrate data sources and make beautiful dashboards.

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Marketing CRM development

Increase customer lifetime value and drive engagement with a custom-developed CRM solution. Your single source of truth will enable personalised outreach and performance tracking.

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Digital content & distribution management

Deliver the right content, to the right user at the right time with a custom digital content and distribution solution. Whether you’re looking for a platform specific solution like email or aiming for omnichannel marketing, your dedicate team can create a solution.

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Big data solutions

Unlock hidden value by collecting, processing, and analysing large volumes of marketing data. Spot trends and optimise your campaigns with the insights gleaned from your team.

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

Create solutions to leverage word of mouth and referral marketing. Your team can create a marketing software solution to facilitate relationships, track performance and automate commissions.

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AI & chatbots

Increase engagement, brand loyalty, and lifetime value with custom developed AI chatbots. Provide instant replies and personalised recommendations so users know, like, and trust your brand.

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Online media platforms & digital media apps

Create a new media platform, or develop services that tie into existing ones like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Snapchat via their APIs. Whether you’re looking to build a social media giant, hyper-niche network, or marketing service, we’ll build you a team that can deliver.

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We were struggling to find talented developers in Paris, but we found them in Bangalore with The Scalers. Our partnership is now in its sixth year, and it’s amazing to see how far they have pushed our business forward.

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