ECOMMERCE SOFTWARE TEAM Exceed customer expectations

Retail and ecommerce change faster than fashion trends. To keep up with rising consumer expectation and deliver exceptional customer experiences, you need an expert development team aligned with your mission. Tap into Bangalore’s vast talent pool of certified engineers to build a team of the specialists you need fully integrated with your company and culture without the huge overheads of local teams.

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Gain niche skills

By building an offshore team in the “Silicon Valley of Asia”, you can scale a team of experts in any skill or role you need.

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Increase delivery

Get more from your hiring budget and take advantage of the lower overheads in Bangalore, India, to deliver value to users faster.

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Complete visibility

Manage your offshore team just like your in-house team. Use the same systems and workflows for complete visibility and management.

SECTOR EXPERTISE Custom-built retail & ecommerce software development teams

Appreal retail

Apparel Retail

Customers expect constant product updates and tailored recommendations at scale. Get a dedicated retail software development team to develop a platform for seamless inventory management, streamlined sales processes, and enhanced customer engagement.

computer retail

Computer & Electronics Retail

Agility is key in high-tech retail as customers expect experiences rivalling the innovation of the products they buy. Partner with us to get a team to create unified shopping experiences across online and physical branches and empower sales teams to close deals faster.

Automative retail

Automotive Retail

Complex product catalogues and providing omnichannel customers experience across the customer lifecycle are essential for today’s automative retailers. We’ll build you a dedicate retail & ecommerce software development team to delight customers.

Entertainment retail

Entertainment Retail

Engaging customers is key for driving profits for entertainment retailers. Extending your team can help you deliver delightful experiences through personalised experiences and optimised product delivery to thrive in a competitive market.

Home furnishing retail

Home Furnishing Retail

Home furnishing retailers need to manage diverse product lines and customer preferences. Set up a dedicated team for retail & ecommerce software development to optimise inventory management and drive customer engagement with personalised retail experiences.

Catalogue retails

Internet & Catalogue Retail

Reach customers worldwide by setting up or extending your ecommerce software development team with us to deliver scalable and customisable solutions for online storefronts, payment processing, and order management.

Convenience retail

Convenience Stores

Maintaining inventory to deliver goods on demand is vital for convenience stores. Your dedicated team can build and customise solutions to manage inventories, track sales, and reduce admin so store owners can maximise profits and focus on in-person experiences.



Distributors play a crucial role in the retail supply chain but face constant pressures to increase efficiencies. Get a dedicated team to streamline distribution processes, optimise inventory management, and enhance communication with suppliers and retailers.

How to scale fast with global development
Scaling innovation: Preqin case study

How we helped Preqin establish a 450+ person global R&D centre in India


RICH TALENT POOL Bangalore: Retail development hub

Join giants like Amazon, Swift, and Flipkart who all have retail and ecommerce software development centres in the city known as the “Silicon Valley of Asia”. The more than 2 million strong tech talent pool is the perfect location to find the experts you need to craft, maintain, and iterate your next solution. And our 7-step recruitment process means you’ll only see the top 1% of talent.

Retail development hub
DevOps Engineer
ERP Engineer
Full-Stack Engineer
Data Engineer
QA Engineer
Engineering Manager
Front-end Developer
Project Owner
Back-end Developer
Scrum Master
Security Engineer
API Developer
UI/UX Designer
Project Manager
Cloud Engineer
SAP Engineer
Mobile App Developer
Database Administrator
…and more

WHY CHOOSE THE SCALERS The smarter way to scale

Our unique model gives you a team in India so good it feels in-house. And we handle all the hassle.

Partner's dedicated team
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Hired just for you

We speak to 100 candidates for every position, and test them against your specific requirements, so you only get the best.

Tech teams built to last

Your team gets regular engagement activities and team building, so you get happy employees who stay on average 3-5 years.

Grow on demand

Our turnkey recruitment process gets the top 1% talent from Bangalore’s 2M+ talent pool, so you can scale whenever you need.

RETAIL & ECOMMERCE SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Your dedicated offshore team can help with

Ecommerce platforms icon
Ecommerce platforms

Build tailored ecommerce platforms to increase sales and enhance brand loyalty through personalised retail experiences at scale.

Warehouse icon
Warehouse management solutions

Increase efficiencies to reduce overheads while ensuring you have sufficient stock. Use your dedicated retail software development team to engineer a warehouse management solution for your needs.

Retail icon
Retail CMS & CRM

Maximise customer engagement through personalised marketing journeys facilitated by tailored CMS & CRM solutions which manage content, track customer interactions, and drive sales.

ERP icon
Retail ERP software solutions

Transform your retail operations with a custom ERP solution that streamlines inventory management, helps optimise supply chains, and enhances customer experiences.

Payment icon
Payment gateway integration

Integrate payment gateways with your retail and ecommerce platform to reduce cart abandonment and increase sales while keeping your customers’ data safe.

POS icon
Point of Sales (POS)

Develop intuitive POS solutions to leverage data from sales, optimise inventory management, and provide seamless in-store shopping experiences.

Chatbots icon
AI & chatbots

Provide personalised interactions at scale by developing custom AI chatbots with your ecommerce software development team. Use the latest LLM and ML technologies to answer inquires faster.

Loyalty icon
Loyalty programs

Build customer loyalty and maximise lifetime value with a custom loyalty program solution for omnichannel engagement connecting in-store and online actions.

Location icon
Location based features

Integrate location based features to increase logistics efficiencies and deliver more personalised customers experiences through IoT and real-time tracking solutions.

Ecommerce analytics icon
Ecommerce reporting & analytics

Gain data-driven insights to guide your company through custom reporting and analytics. Your dedicated team can develop solutions to integrate multiple data sources, track key metrics, and identify key insights in custom dashboards.

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