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FINTECH SOFTWARE TEAM Leverage India’s tech talent

The financial services sector changes as rapidly as the markets do. The only way to stay afloat is to deliver constant innovation, elevating the experiences for your users. But world-class, qualified FinTech engineers are either too hard to find, or too expensive to hire at home. Leverage Bangalore’s huge talent pool of certified engineers to elevate your offering and build a long-term, value-generating team offshore.

India's tech talent
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Gain niche skills

By building an offshore team in the “Silicon Valley of Asia”, you can scale a team of experts in any skill or role you need.

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Increase delivery

Get more from your hiring budget and take advantage of the lower overheads in Bangalore, India, to deliver value to users faster.

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Complete visibility

Manage your offshore team just like your in-house team. Use the same systems and workflows for complete visibility and management.

SECTOR EXPERTISE Custom-built FinTech engineering teams

Digital Banking Services

Digital Banking

With the rise of Neobanking, more banks are moving online. Extending your team can help you leverage financial software development solutions to personalise customer experience and make it easier to manage digital transactions.

Investments management services

Investment Management

Access Bangalore’s talent pool to deliver an innovative platform for investment management. Leverage AI technologies to empowering advisors to make informed decisions, personalise investment strategies, and deliver superior client outcomes.

Insurance services


With increasing competition and evolving customer needs, the insurance industry is opening up opportunities and risks. Extending your team can deliver InsurTech solutions to improve efficiency across the insurance value chain and stay ahead of the latest digital trends.

Private equity & hedge funds services

Private Equity & Hedge Funds

Delivering returns in complex investment landscapes requires quality data and agility. Get a team who can deliver a tailored platform that empower users to manage portfolios with data, automations, and advice, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Asset management services

Asset Management

Regulatory pressures and demands of investors are presenting opportunities for new asset management solutions. Whether you want to empower advisors or put more tools and automatic suggestions into investors hands, your team will deliver solutions that match.

VAT Reclaim services

VAT Reclaim

As businesses seek to optimise their financial processes, avoiding double taxation, tech solutions are increasing refunds while alleviating administrative burdens. Get an expert offshore team to develop VAT reclaim solutions that increase financial efficiency.

Global Payments services

Global Payments

In the globalised economy, businesses demand efficient and secure payment solutions. Your team can engineer global payment platforms for cross-border transactions that deliver exceptional user experiences while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Trading services


Speed matters in the world of trading, and any performance gains can bring huge compounding returns. Whether your looking to capitalise with real-time analytics, or AI and robot trading tools, your team will deliver the solution to empower traders.

How to scale fast with global development
Scaling innovation: Preqin case study

How we helped Preqin establish a 450+ person global R&D centre in India


RICH TALENT POOL Bangalore: FinTech talent hub

PayPal, Paytm, Intuit, Visa, Wells Fargo, Razorpay, Stripe, and Wise — they all have development centres in Bangalore, known for its robust IT and tech infrastructure. It’s the perfect location to find niche roles and scale fast. Leverage our 7-step recruitment process that ensures you only see the top 1% of Bangalore’s more than 2 million tech talent pool. There’s a reason it’s called the “Silicon Valley of Asia”.

right talent pool
Full-stack Developer
Data Engineer
Site Reliability Manager
QA Engineer
Scrum Master
Back-end Developer
DevOps Engineer
Technical Support
Front-end Developer
Test Engineer
Engineering Manager
…and more

WHY CHOOSE THE SCALERS The smarter way to scale

Our unique model gives you a team in India so good it feels in-house. And we handle all the hassle.

Partner's dedicated team
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Hired just for you

We speak to 100 candidates for every position, and test them against your specific requirements, so you only get the best.

Tech teams built to last

Your team gets regular engagement activities and team building, so you get happy employees who stay on average 3-5 years.

Grow on demand

Our turnkey recruitment process gets the top 1% talent from Bangalore’s 2M+ talent pool, so you can scale whenever you need.

FINTECH SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Your dedicated offshore team can help with

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Digital platforms

Build internal or external platforms to connect users with data and services and provide innovative experiences that build trust, value, and revenue.

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Finance & Controls ERPs

Optimise financial operations with tailored Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. Integrate finance and control functions, from budgeting to compliance tracking.

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Cloud services and adoption

Move from legacy solution or develop new cloud solutions. Your team will facilitate your development, adoption, migration, and optimisation of your cloud solution.

migration icon
Data migration and integrations

Get clean and complete data in your systems. Your team will help you migrate, clean up, and adopt strategies for complete data integrity, now and in the future.

customer facing apps icon
Customer facing apps and interfaces

Enhance customer engagement and increase retention. From mobile apps or web portals, your team will deliver tailored solutions that drive business growth.

Trading tools icon
Trading tools and software

Give traders an unfair advantage. From algorithmic trading platforms to market analysis software, your team will help users to optimise their results.

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Billing and Order Management CRM

Speed up billing processes and simplify complex orders with your Billing and Order Management CRM solution. Create a solution that scales no matter how many skews you have.

payroll software icon
Payroll software

Develop, implement, or augment a payroll software solution so everyone get paid on time and taxes and regulations are handled without any hassle.

Banking software icon
Banking software / tools

Deliver secure and compliant neobanking solutions that customers demands. By using a dedicated team, you can ensure the security of your product and client data.

Cybersecurity icon
Cybersecurity solutions for FinTech

Develop solutions that keep financial data safe to protect your customers, your company, and your reputation with a team of cybersecurity experts.

Analytics icon
Real-time reports, analytics and forecasts

Facilitate data-driven decisions and seize opportunities when they arise with real-time data solutions. Give your team or clients an unfair advantage in the financial markets.

Payment icon
Payment/transaction processing systems

Provide secure and simple-to-use payment gateways. Whether you’re looking to adapt and implement existing solutions or develop a unique product, your team can help.

VAT compliance icon
VAT compliance tools

Whether you want to automate tax calculations or streamline reporting, your team will craft a solution to simplify processes, reduce errors, and ensure compliance.

Accounting software icon
Accounting software

Elevate financial management with custom accounting software developed by your expert team. Get the programmers you need to deliver an exceptional solution.

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The Scalers took the time to understand our needs and acted on them. We really needed good talent and The Scalers got us just that. From day one we’ve had a real collaboration and constant engagement. It’s been a game changer.

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