The CTO’s blueprint for offshoring: A peer-reviewed approach


Find out how Australian and New Zealand CTOs are building their offshore teams
CTOs Blueprint for offshoring

While the choice to offshore is straightforward for ANZ tech companies, picking the right approach is anything but. To help you make this pivotal decision, we surveyed 100 CTOs in Australia and New Zealand to learn their strategies for building offshore teams. Their insights and strategies will help you navigate your options so you can increase your development capabilities and not be held back.

What will you learn?

  • The current state of the offshoring landscape in ANZ and the key trends CTOs are watching
  • The main factors CTOs use to evaluate their offshore options (and typical savings they experience)
  • The go-to destinations CTOs choose to offshore to, and how they use time zone differences to their advantage
  • The criteria and processes tech leaders use to make sure they get high-quality developers
  • How CTOs are setting up teams to benefit from cultural differences and mitigate conflicts
CTOs Blueprint for offshoring
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