Twitter. Amazon. Walmart. LinkedIn. Google.
They all build software in Bangalore.

Bangalore, nicknamed the Silicon Valley of Asia, is home to a thriving and talented IT community. With the heavy concentration of multinationals, the abundance of engineers and great weather all year round, Bangalore has grabbed the top spot for offshore software development.

1 million
Software Engineers in Bangalore

Fastest-Growing Startup Ecosystem

of Software Built is Exported

is the language of the industry

A Dynamic City

Bangalore is big city living. It is the type of urbanism that characterises a modern, happening, and worldly metropolis that continues to attract talent and ideas from all corners of the world.Bangalore has more than 11 million people and was voted the World's Most Dynamic City in JLL's City Index.

Tremendous Talent Pool

Every year, India adds another 1.5 million engineers to its talent pool, and the best of the bunch go to Bangalore. The city is a whirlwind of transformative technologies like Internet of Things, AI and Machine Learning, all of which add to the city’s growing stockpile of technical versatility.


Nicknamed the Silicon Valley of Asia, Bangalore is an epicentre of innovation, entrepreneurship and technical expertise. Here, you find yourself among the greatest engineers and most innovative companies on the planet, working to create the products of the future. Whether it’s Amazon, Google, IBM or Microsoft, they have all set up their R&D centres in Bangalore.

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