Scaling A UK Fintech to a 450+ R&D centre in Bangalore


How The Scalers helped Preqin establish a 450-person global R&D centre
ebook Scaling innovation: Preqin case study

Preqin wanted a dedicated engineering team to spearhead their new flagship product. The rewards from The Scalers’ unique offshoring convinced them to expand further in Bangalore. Soon they added Research and Data; People and Culture; and Finance and Sales teams in Bangalore too. Find out the complete story including why they set up a dedicated office building and legal entity, and the benefits they provided. 

What will you learn?

  • The exact challenges Preqin was facing and why traditional offshoring and outsourcing options weren’t suitable.
  • How our unique offshoring model found the highest calibre engineers and data analysts and ensured they were infused with Preqin’s DNA.
  • The hard numbers that prove the success of Preqin’s team from day one to today.
  • A complete timeline showing Preqin’s sustained growth from 4 to over 450 employees.
  • The behind-the-scenes story and photos from inside the office we found, equipped, and ran for Preqin.
ebook Scaling innovation: Preqin case study
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