How a FinTech scaled from 7 to 85+ data analytics & finance R&D hub


How Colmore streamlined its data processes with an 85-person R&D hub in Bangalore
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Colmore needed to expand its data analytics and insights team to keep up with its skyrocketing growth. Finding suitable candidates in their US and UK locations took too long, cost too much, and had above-average attrition rates. That all changed when they met The Scalers. Find out how Bangalore became the heart of their data processing in under two years.

What will you learn?

  • How our unique model enabled us to fill Colmore’s hard-to-fill roles (and what those roles are).
  • The 3 hard numbers that proved the success of Colmore’s team.
  • A complete timeline showing how rapidly our model filled Colmore’s vacancies.
  • Behind-the-scenes photos from inside the office we found, equipped, and ran for Colmore.
  • The 3 strategic advantages that emerged once Colmore’s team was in place.
Colmore case study page preview
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