How we built an elite 'Preqin Bangalore' tech team for UK fintech business


How we built Preqin an elite tech team in Bangalore
Preqin an elite tech team in Bangalore

Preqin needed to expand their engineering capacity to deliver their planned projects successfully — but expanding their existing London team wasn’t possible with the local talent shortage. That’s when The Scalers stepped in. Learn how we helped Preqin deliver their most powerful application to date with a dedicated development centre in Bangalore.

What will you learn?

  • How our unique model enabled rapid expansion of the Bangalore team from 4 to over 100 engineers.
  • How we established a totally integrated culture in the Bangalore team, infused with the‚ 'Preqin DNA’.
  • How our collaboration resulted in the development and launch of a cutting edge financial services product.
  • How our model actually works — get a breakdown of the nuts and bolts of what we do.
Preqin an elite tech team in Bangalore
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