Learn the smarter way to build your tech team offshore


Learn the smarter way to build your tech team offshore
Guide for tech leaders

British and Irish CTOs and CIOs are looking for new ways to build and scale their tech teams in response to growing talent shortages. Hiring locally remains an option, but is restrictive. Outsourcing and offshoring are viable solutions, but what are the differences? Our whitepaper explores common approaches and pitfalls, and highlights how to go offshore the smarter way.

What will you learn?

  • Why UK and Irish tech leaders feel talent shortages are hampering their ability to scale and transform.
  • How traditional outsourcing falls short in generating long-term value for your organisation.
  • The adaptable models of offshoring and how to best leverage them to suit your requirements.
  • The optimal way to build your team offshore to innovate and scale sustainably.
Guide for tech leaders
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