Navigating the Australasian tech talent crunch


Navigating the Australasian tech talent crunch
Australia New Zealand Ebook

With a battle for talent intensifying in Australia and New Zealand, businesses are unable to innovate and scale at the speed they want. A monopoly on top talent by major players is driving salaries higher and creating a crunch, but there’s a solution. We explore how harnessing global tech talent can help hampered businesses navigate these new waters to scale without limits.

What will you learn?

  • How the inability to fill key tech roles has been exacerbated by a large reduction in skilled migration.
  • Why 'innovation-active' companies are being prevented from unleashing their full potential.
  • That to grow tech teams at the pace required in a post-Covid world, hiring only locally is no longer viable.
  • Why offshore teams give organisations a strategic head start to help them achieve pole position.
Australia New Zealand Ebook
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