The launch of The Scalers’ brand-new UK office advances global operations

The launch of The Scalers' brand-new UK office advances global operations
Jan 9, 2023
the city of London on the background of skyscrapers

It’s official. The Scalers’ base for global business development has opened in the UK.

It will play a critical role in helping us stay a leader in the offshoring sector by providing a strong foundation for growth to serve our global partners better.

In light of our sustained growth in the global markets, The Scalers are excited to announce the opening of a new London office.

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The new London office is a crucial foundation for global expansion and maintaining leadership in the offshoring sector.
Luanne Botha
Luanne Botha
Strategic Sales Director, The Scalers

Our newly minted London office will play a key role in business development in the UK, some European markets, and the US. The Scaler’s new base consists of a growing team of business professionals passionate about driving growth and innovation in the technology sector.