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Taxback Overtakes the Competition Thanks to 40-Person Development Center

The Taxback Group’s flagship product has been around for 20 years, running the same software since day one. With new digital-first companies gaining momentum in the industry, it was time for a change: they needed a purpose-built development team to catch the competition.

Now, with 40 engineers supporting six technologies across 3 unique businesses, The Taxback Group has a more powerful software infrastructure than ever before.


The Taxback Group is an innovative technology business providing a range of tax, payment & travel services to individuals & companies trading internationally. Established in 1996, the Taxback Group is headquartered in Ireland, and employs over 1500 staff across 20 countries. 

Growth Hampered by
Old-School Software Systems

The core business of The Taxback Group is in offering financial services including payroll, tax return filing, and international payments. Over the past few years, these services have been enhanced by automation and digitisation – the old fashioned businesses have fallen well behind the competition.

Unfortunately, the legacy software at Taxback was over 15 years old, and built to handle  significantly simpler loads. The company’s core work processes remained highly labour-intensive, lacking any automation, and this was hampering growth.

David McGettrick, Group CTO, had realised how signicantly this legacy software was affecting business.

The Taxback Group already had an offshore development team in Bulgaria, but their role was to maintain the legacy software, not to overhaul it. In practice, there wasn’t enough strong development talent in Bulgaria to scale up in the direction they needed.

It was time to look elsewhere.

The Scalers Provides Clear,
Strategic Plan for Development

After doing some research, The Taxback Group knocked on our door. Soon after, we were holding a consulting session in their Irish offices, with every key stakeholder in the room. We learned about the company culture, as well as all of the company’s primary pain points.

They needed to open a dedicated software development centre, and find the engineering talent to fill it.

After extensive discussion, we came up with a detailed strategic plan and operational roadmap for the setup and operation of the centre.

In Bulgaria, the development teams were organised by product; the new Bangalore team would work cross-product, organised by technology. This would bring a unified approach across all products.

With everyone on the same page, it was time to travel home, and get to work.

Taxback Experiences a
Digital Transformation
in Bangalore

We knew the offshore team would need strong, intelligent leadership, and so the first 3 hires were critical. We managed to recruit a technical architect of 15 years’ experience, and two senior lead developers to work beneath him.

These appointments gave the team a rock-solid foundation in software design and implementation. We facilitated communication between the offshore team leaders and Ireland, and soon after we had constructed a team of 15 developers – all with experience in financial services.

One problem which had plagued Taxback for years was their user interfaces: they were complex, unintuitive, and obsolete. We helped structure a brand-new UX design team, and placed them in the Bangalore development centre. They set to work creating a user-centric design language which would create a consistent user experience for all future products.

Naturally, as a company in financial services, data security was paramount: we set up a comprehensive security framework, covering both physical security and NDAs for workers.

With that, the development centre was fully operational and delivering exactly what Taxback needed.

Taxback Reaps the Benefits
of Bold Software Change

Fast forward to now, and Taxback’s offshore development centre is fully functioning, and producing top quality output. After only six months, the centre released a new version of the company’s flagship product, which was a massive success.

Taxback is seeing faster time-to-market for new features, and user acceptance training now has been delegated to the development centre in Bangalore. The Taxback Group has also gained positive press in Bangalore for its open, technology-first approach to product development – an incredible achievement when you consider where they started.

The Taxback Group had spent years falling behind younger, digital-focused fintech companies. Today, they are leading the charge.

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