The Scalers Creates Highly Skilled Software Team for smart&geek

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The Scalers Creates Highly Skilled Software Team for smart&geek

For a software agency, having talented in-house developers is crucial. Unfortunately, smart&geek was relying on expensive freelancers, and had endured underwhelming partnerships with development centres in Morocco and Romania.

When we built a tailored software team to meet the company’s exacting standards, the customer leapt forward and has never looked back.

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smart&geek is a multidisciplinary software agency. Specialising in medium-large scale projects, their work is incredibly broad, encompassing virtual reality, connected devices, and mobile applications. With smart&geek, no two projects are ever the same!

”As a software agency, we must move fast, deliver quality projects while maintaining healthy margins. Building our team in Bangalore allowed us to intersect the three, by hiring a talented team for 50% less than the cost of doing so in Paris.”

Jean Mariotte, CEO and Founder, smart&geek

The CEO Acknowledges
Weak Software Developers

smart&geek had an instinctive understanding of their target market, and the ability to manage complex projects across diverse areas. The problem was with their developers.

Rather than continuing to collaborate with talented – but expensive – freelancers, the company attempted to work with offshore development teams in Morocco and Romania. In both cases, they suffered in the same areas:

  • Weak project management
  • Poor communication
  • Lack of positive results

Jean Mariotte, the company CEO, knew he needed to find an affordable, skillful task force to deliver their projects – without compromising margins. More than that, he needed a team which could adapt to their workflow, and integrate with the Paris team.

Building a First-Class
Software Team from Scratch

As a multidisciplinary company, it was imperative that we observed interactions between the engineering, sales, and project management teams. By understanding the company workflow and their goals, we could craft a complementary development team.

Our trip to Paris also allowed us to flesh out the requirements of the software team, agree project terms, and finalise a launch schedule.

Within the first six weeks, we deployed a complete employer branding strategy, and recruited experts in 5 key areas: senior PHP, HTML, CSS, and quality assurance engineers. After six months, the full 18-developer team was finalised.

To ensure the developers hit the ground running, we put together a local management team to organise the development centre and communicate with Paris. With this infrastructure in place, the team was ready to take on more ambitious, complex projects.

smart&geek Raises the Bar

With talented software engineers working on every project, smart&geek is now leading the competition, delivering work more quickly – and reliably – than ever before. Quite simply, the team in Bangalore gives smart&geek a well-honed competitive edge.

As a direct result of creating their offshore team, smart&geek has tripled its output while cutting costs in half.

Our commitment to creating a team which complemented the office in Paris has resulted in seamless integration, with smart&geek setting their sights on even greater achievements in future.


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