How it Works

Your own Bangalore-based in-house development team
from 2 engineers to an entire development centre.


01. Meet

Once you start working with us, one of our senior consultants will fly to wherever you are based in order to develop a detailed plan of action including - but not limited to - budgets and timetables.

Like everyone at The Scalers, they speak ‘tech’ which makes your planning process a smooth one.

We also go to great lengths to understand your vision, mission and culture. Flexible and responsive, we work in collaboration with your team to define the model that works best for you. 

Our expertise means that we will do all the heavy lifting for you.
Fully Managed Model

From 2 to 20 programmers, we work closely with you to create your in-house development team in Bangalore which will fit your company’s image and meet your business requirements. Our shared office space, House of Hack, is ready to host your team. We will set them up and once they’re ready, you start working with them the same way you would with your colleagues at home.

Build-Operate-Transfer Model (BOT)

From 20 to thousands of developers, our Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model offers a proven course of action to make large-scale operations flow with ease. We will set up and manage your operations over the course of 2 to 5 years in conjunction with your management teams in Bangalore and at home before transferring a fully operational team to you.


02. Hire

Once you sign off on the plan of action, our in-house recruitment team will get straight to work. They will consult with you to establish job profiles, technical requirements and operational blueprints to ensure there is a good fit between your corporate culture and prospective candidates.

The meticulously tailored recruitment process entails our own HR team pre-selecting suitable candidates after which your team conducts the final interview, allowing you to handpick your new team member.

Hiring highly motivated, world class talent who value and respect your product and company is key to your successful offshore move.

Candidates Sourced


Clear Technical Test


Clear Personality Test.


Champion Hired


03. Execute

The Scalers have everything in place to assemble your future operation: Partners to handle all legal requirements, an inspiring and productive co-working space, and friendly and efficient HR, administration and finance teams. We juggle all the hard bits so you don’t have to.

The Scalers co-ordinate with your management team to help fine tune your operations until they take off. We also encourage clients to send their own managers to Bangalore on an ongoing basis to further increase cohesion and practical integration.

We monitor every aspect to ensure a seamless transition from initial recruitment to post-start date performance.
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Coworking Space

The House of Hack is our coworking space in Bangalore. Here, your team will have its own office which will be customised with your logo, colors and brand while your staff will be provided with everything from high-quality laptops to testing devices and notepads.

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Dedicated Office

For larger teams, we will create a customised office integrating all your specs while supervising its thorough development. We will set up an on-site support team which will handle the HR and entire administration of your office so you can focus on the things that really matter.  

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