The Scalers’ 2023 Recap: rising above challenges together

The Scalers recap 2023

The year 2023 has been (arguably) the toughest in the IT industry. Ever.

Good proof of it is the 152,000 layoffs announced so far this year in tech, up 716% from the same period last year.

Yet, The Scalers kept growing and closed another successful year.

In 2023, among other milestones, we opened new offices, earned the Great Place to Work recognition for the second consecutive year, and had a record number of partners visiting their teams in Bangalore, India.

Scaling never stops!

The Scalers’ growth this year can be measured in numbers:

  • We experienced a +30% revenue growth.
  • We hired 240 engineers for our partners.
  • We officially expanded to our 5th global location.

Plus, we have new and exciting business opportunities in the pipeline. The end of the year has slowed down the tech industry’s decline and set the stage for a promising start to 2024 for us.

We kept scaling in 2023

Enhancing our presence in global markets

This year, we opened two brand-new offices in strategic regions and came closer to our UK, European, and ANZ partners:

  • At the beginning of 2023, we established operations in Sydney to better support our partners in Australia and New Zealand and forge new partnerships.
  • Later this year, we opened an office in London, joining Bangalore, Dublin, Krakow, and Sydney as our 5th global location.

The inauguration of the London office was one of the highlights of 2023, as it marks the next chapter in The Scalers’ history. The office space will be the centre of our business development operations and will allow us to strengthen relationships with our current and future partners in the UK and Europe.

London office

Connecting with tech leaders

Before the opening of the London office, The Scalers attended London Tech Week 2023, one of Europe’s largest technology events. Our team had the chance to meet tech leaders and show them our unique and high-value approach to building offshore software development teams.

Following our expansion to Australia, we proudly sponsored OpsWorld Melbourne 2023, a conference on Data and AI. Some of our Strategic Partnerships team members had the opportunity to connect with CTOs and other business leaders and talk about the unique advantages of The Scalers’ model.

Global tech event

Partners celebrating successes

Despite the rough economic climate in the IT industry, 2023 was a year to celebrate for our partners.

For instance, one of our UK-based partners in the finance industry onboarded their first engineers this year. Since the beginning of our partnership, we helped them build a small non-technical team, and now we are on track to assist in scaling their recently created engineering team entering 2024.

Another UK-based company in the investment sector onboarded their first Quant developers just one month after signing our partnership contract! Following a successful start, we plan to expand their tech team in the first quarter of next year.

Our portfolio of new partners has also been enriched by adding an Australian food and beverage company, and our team is already working to find elite talent to meet their needs.

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A record number of partner visits!

At The Scalers, we’re excited to extend invitations to our partners for yearly visits to their teams in Bangalore. This presents an excellent opportunity for bonding and creating lasting memories together.

In the past 12 months, eight partners visited their engineering teams in India, the highest number ever.

Partners visit

Skilling up partners’ engineers

Nothing speaks to success as much as the success of our partners. And a big part of it comes from how well-trained and engaged their engineers are in the workplace.

This year, we invested in having a full-time Manager of People Development to plan and oversee the developers’ skills training.

Our partners’ engineers dived into a year-long learning program in 2023, with mindfulness, communication, and team dynamics sessions. From business etiquette to stress management, these 76 sessions, totalling 168 hours, earned a remarkable rating of 4.7 out of 5 from participants.

At The Scalers, we truly believe that engineers connect better with others and enhance their self-awareness by mastering these skills. The ultimate goal of our learning program is to empower them, not just in technical skills but in workplace behaviour and communication.

Ultimately, it’s a strategic move towards ensuring our partners’ talent thrives in a dynamic professional setting.

highlight boxes icon
“We begin each learning session with a brief meditation, ‘emptying the cup’. It’s a way to ensure engineers connect with their inner self, help them focus and make the best out of the session.”
Abhishek Mishra
Senior Manager of People Development, The Scalers

Earning a Great Place to Work award (again!)

One year later, the same success story. We can proudly say that we’ve been awarded the Great Place to Work certification for the second year in a row!

The certification, based on employee experiences and trust in the company, reflects our commitment to creating an inclusive, supportive, and rewarding environment, solidifying our status as an exemplary employer of choice.

And ISO 27001 as well!

Besides getting certified as a Great Place to Work, we received recertification for ISO ISMS 27001:2013 in Information Security Management Systems (InfoSec) from TÜV SÜD.

The ISO 27001 certification demonstrates our commitment to a structured approach, integrating advanced endpoint protection and a strong Information Security Management System. This ensures the security of our internal operations and those of our partners.

Fostering community development

In 2023, we hosted two Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events dedicated to community development in Bangalore.

The initial event, held in February, aimed to engage employees with elderly individuals and young children at a local care facility.

In August, we organised a second CSR activity where we planted trees. The main goal of this event was to create homes for wildlife and support mental well-being initiatives.

Social responsibility

These CSR initiatives are part of The Scalers’ commitment to social responsibility to promote sustainable development and enhance the community’s welfare. Our team supports such events, which are essential in positively impacting society and contributing to a better world.

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Delivering valuable content for CTOs

At The Scalers, we not only help tech leaders build elite tech teams but also offer them resources to assist them in making informed decisions and growing in their careers.

With AI taking over the tech industry, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to publish a content piece on the topic. Our team prepared a new Scaling Beyond Borders ebook to help IT decision-makers build future-proof teams in the AI era.

Back in July, we released Building dev teams for CTOs, a monthly LinkedIn newsletter for tech leaders on the latest news on tech teams and offshoring. In just five months, we’ve gained 6,300+ subscribers organically!

Later this year, we interviewed 100 CTOs in Australia and New Zealand and released a whitepaper with key insights on how they build offshore teams. The CTO’s blueprint for offshoring is an in-depth report for tech and engineering leaders in the ANZ region looking to offshore software development.

2024, here we come!

2024 is set to be our biggest year ever. As we approach our 10th anniversary, we have ambitious growth plans to continue building top-notch tech teams for our partners.

To wrap up 2023 and kick off the new year on a positive note, we celebrated our traditional annual event: The Scalers’ Townhall 2023.

The event started with a talent show where our employees showcased their singing, dancing and even martial arts skills (no employee was hurt during the performance).

It was a blast!

Then, we discussed and celebrated the company’s achievements and team performance. Business executives and team leaders gave inspiring speeches, and outstanding employees received awards.

As the theme of the venue stated, together we rise!

And we’ll keep rising for years to come.