The 7 must-read CTOs newsletters

CTOs newsletter

You’d love to sit down, relax, grab coffee (or any other beverage), and read the latest tech news.

You just can’t find what you need. There’s an overwhelming flood of news every day, most of it irrelevant.

That’s why we’ve curated a list of the best CTOs newsletters you can follow today. Each covers different topics, from broad ones like leadership to niche ones like offshoring and building dedicated development teams.

If you subscribe to every newsletter mentioned in this article, you’ll roughly need 15-30 minutes weekly to inform yourself about the hottest topics in the industry.


1. Building Dev Teams for CTOs

Author(s): The Scalers’ team.

Building Dev Teams for CTOs is a two-minute read, LinkedIn newsletter for CTOs, CIOs, and other business leaders on the latest tech leadership and offshoring news.

Based on their experience building 80+ tech teams in the past 10+ years, The Scalers’ team writes and designs this monthly newsletter, which shares articles on engineering and upcoming industry events.

Every issue discusses a topic in depth, generally related to offshore software development and CTO best practices. It also features links to relevant articles and events around the web.

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2. Lenny’s Newsletter

Author(s): Lenny Rachitsky and Kiyani Bamba.

Lenny’s Newsletter is a Substack newsletter that shares product, business, and career growth insights.

Today, it has 600,000+ subscribers, but it all started by accident.

Lenny Rachitsky, a former software engineer and executive who worked at Airbnb for seven years, received emails from founders seeking his advice after leaving the company. Hoping others would find his insights as useful as those contacting him directly, he started a newsletter.

With the help of editor Kiyani Bamba, he sends weekly posts (to paid subscribers) and monthly emails (to non-paid subscribers) answering readers’ burning questions.


Author(s): Dan N. and Stephen Flanders.

TLDR is a free daily newsletter for CTOs looking for the latest startups, tech, and programming news.

The publication, read by over 1,250,000 software engineers and tech leaders, includes quick links to articles divided into big tech and startups; science and technology; and programming, design, and data science.

It’s meant to be a ‘morning newspaper’ for busy CTOs.

As TLDR is a traditional newsletter, sharing just news, we’ve listed some of its latest issues (the date of publishing this article).

  • TLDR 2024-04-08 —  Tesla robotaxi, Starship’s launch plans, useless projects.
  • TLDR 2024-04-04 — Apple personal robots, state of founder compensation, why observably is expensive.
  • TLDR 2024-04-01 — OpenAI’s $100B supercomputer, Linux almost hacked, design engineering.

4. ByteByteGo

Author(s): Alex Xu, Sahn Lam, and Hua Li.

In ByteByteGo, Alex Xu, Sahn Lam, and Hua Li talk about complex technical systems in easy-to-understand language. The three have extensive experience in the tech industry and have worked for companies such as Apple, Twitter, and Discord.

In their newsletter, they focus on large-scale system design trends. One secret to their success is designing visually appealing posts, making tech accessible (and digestible) for all.

ByteByteGo is a freemium CTO newsletter. Free subscribers get an issue every Saturday, while premium members receive an extra deep dive on Wednesdays and can suggest topics.

5. Amazing CTO Newsletter

Author(s): Stephan Schmidt.

The Amazing CTO Newsletter is a free weekly publication for CTOs and Engineering Managers who want to improve their leadership skills.

Its author, Stephan Schmidt, is a CTO and CPTO Coach with 25+ years of experience in the tech industry. He sends subscribers an email every Sunday with news, articles, and social media posts on software engineering and team management.

Tech leaders also have the option to follow the Amazing CTO Newsletter on LinkedIn.

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6. Level Up

Author(s): Patrick Kua.

Level Up is a newsletter for CTOs in which Patrick Kua shares personal experiences in software engineering and management and curates some of the latest industry news.

Kua is a tech leader with 20+ years of experience who has seen it all. Literally. He’s worked as a developer and a CTO and now coaches and trains other managers.

His weekly newsletter is 100% free, and it’s known for its simplicity. He starts every issue by sharing insights on a particular topic and then listing articles into three categories: leadership, technology, and organisations and processes.

7. The Pragmatic Engineer

Author(s): Gergely Orosz.

The Pragmatic Engineer is the #1 technology newsletter on Substack. This freemium publication is helpful for tech leaders looking for insights on Big Tech and high-growth startups and actionable leadership advice.

Written by Gergely Orosz, an engineering manager and advisor in multiple organisations, The Pragmatic Engineer focuses on what sets tech-leading companies apart, from the inside. Orosz interviews people working in these businesses to get the scoop.

He also provides tools for enhancing efficiency and leadership skills while keeping readers informed about market trends.

Free subscribers get a new issue every Tuesday and a full article monthly. Paying subscribers get two weekly articles, early insights into industry trends, resources, and templates for engineering managers.

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In summary

We hope this list of the best CTOs newsletters helps you stay informed about news and practical managerial advice.

Now, it’s time for you to take action. Subscribe to the newsletters you find relevant to your skills, seniority, and interests and allocate some time weekly to read them.

CTOs can stay informed with curated newsletters covering topics from leadership to offshoring, requiring just 15-30 minutes weekly.
Building Dev Teams for CTOs provides insights into tech leadership and offshoring, drawing from extensive experience.
Lenny’s Newsletter offers product, business, and career growth insights based on real-world experiences.
TLDR serves as a daily tech news digest for busy CTOs, covering topics ranging from big tech to startups.
ByteByteGo simplifies complex technical concepts with visually appealing posts, focusing on large-scale system design trends.
Amazing CTO Newsletter delivers weekly leadership advice and industry news authored by CTO and CPTO Coach Stephan Schmidt.
Level Up offers practical insights and curated articles for CTOs, focusing on topics such as organisational design, leadership, and technology.
The Pragmatic Engineer provides actionable leadership advice and insights into tech-leading companies with insider interviews and market trend analysis.

If subscribing to the publications listed in this article isn’t enough, you may also want to listen to the top podcasts for CTOs and read some of the best books for CTOs. Add them to your must-listen and must-buy list!

While many podcast hosts and book authors address common challenges faced by tech leaders, they rarely mention a major one: finding the right talent.

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