Top 5 podcasts every CTO should listen to

Top 5 Podcasts every CTO should listen

If you’re a CXO, chances are that you’re always on the go, and you find yourself left with barely any time to read articles, the latest tech news, or even that famous book for CTOs that you’ve been meaning to read since forever. In such a scenario, how can you stay up to date with the latest tech news and trends?


Podcasts are a great way to absorb new information on the go. It acts as an opportunity to learn about the experience of other CTOs and industry leaders, get inspired by them, and tackle challenges in your business with a different approach.

So if you’re looking for inspiration, motivation, industry news, or just some interesting stories, here are five best podcasts for CTOs that you must check out!

1. The CTO Advisor

Host: Keith Townsend

Average episode length: 30 minutes

Frequency of episodes: 4 episodes/month

The CTO Advisor is a podcast that is geared towards organisations that are navigating through the challenges of digital transformation with a focus on future technologies and the process of building IT infrastructures that are in-line with specific business requirements.

The host, Keith Townsend, is a CTO Advisor with over 20 years of experience in helping organisations build IT infrastructures. He has also written for several award-winning properties such as and The podcast is also often graced by the presence of some of the smartest people in the IT industry, including Joe Beda (co-founder of VMware), Bobby Allen (CTO of CloudGenera), and Craig Connors (Chief Architect at Velocloud).

So if you enjoy freestyle banter between well-informed, experienced, and tech-savvy people, then this is a great podcast for CTOs that you can add to your list!

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2. The Modern CTO

Host: Joel Beasley

Average episode length: 45 minutes

Frequency of episodes: 1 episode/week

The Modern CTO podcast, true to its name, features interviews with some of the most famous CTOs of Fortune 500 companies of our time. From aerospace to AI, this podcast has it all!

The host, Joel Beasley, being a CTO and developer himself, presents talks with the CTOs of companies such as Cisco, Reddit, LinkedIn, Zoom, Citrix, and Atlassian, to name a few.

This podcast is for every CTO who is looking for inspiration, leadership, and growth. The gold truly lies in the banter, and if you’re interested in learning about growing into your role, tackle coaching, and how you can contribute more to your business, then you’re definitely in the right place!

The Modern CTO
  • In conversation with Jeremy King — Joey and Jeremy King, CTO at Walmart, discuss building trust with your stakeholders and how to hire over 4000 technologists in under two years.
  • In conversation with Parker Harris — CTO & Co-Founder at Salesforce, Parker Harris discusses the value of real relationships with your customers, key indicators of a successful acquisition, and how to scale your culture as the company grows.
  • In conversation with Neil Patel – Co-founder of Kissmetrics Neil Patel talks about how frustration led him to establish a marketing empire, the importance of leveraging in-person relationships, and how experimentation is the most effective product strategy.

3. CXO Talk

Host: Michael Krigsman

Average episode length: 30 minutes

Frequency of episodes: 3-6 episodes/month

CXO Talk is a podcast that feels like more of a platform and less like a podcast in the most delightful way! Hosted by industry analyst and enterprise marketing advisor Micheal Krigsman, the podcast offers in-depth discussions about business, technology, and healthcare, with some of the most innovative leaders of all time.

Some famous guests that made a special appearance in the podcasts include Rob Tarkoff (Executive VP at Oracle), Alicia Tillman (CMO at SAP), and Martin Powell (Head of Urban Development at Siemens).

The best part about this podcast is that it acts as a window into the minds of company leaders who provide expert opinions on subjects that are essential to CXOs. From a wide range of topics such as AI, digital marketing, IoT, digital transformation, entrepreneurship, business models, leadership, and security, there’s something for everyone! So if you’re looking for podcasts for CTOs, make sure to download at least a few episodes.

CXO Talk - podcasts for CTOs

4. CTO Think

Hosts: Don Vandemark and Randy Burgess

Average episode length: 40 minutes

Frequency of episodes: 1-2 episodes/month

The CTO Think, hosted by Don Vandemark and Randy Burgess, is slightly different from other podcasts for CTOs, because there are no guest appearances on the show. Instead, Don and Randy, who call themselves “recovering CTOs”, talk about the challenges they face on a daily basis in their respective leadership roles as a CTO and consultant, how they navigate through real-world situations, and their decision-making processes.

The benefit of not having guests on the podcast is that you, as the audience, grow more comfortable with the hosts – in this case, two extremely knowledgeable, hands-on CTOs. While Don Vandemark is a startup CTO based out of Orlando, Randy Burgess is a former CTO, startup consultant, and developer living in Kansas City.

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  • How Should a CTO Use Their Time? — When a CTO is juggling multiple responsibilities, people, and projects, what is the best use of their time?
  • Betting on Vue JS — This podcast acts as the ultimate learning resource for Vue developers.
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5. CTO Connection

Host: Peter Bell

Average episode length: 30 minutes

Frequency of episodes: 4 episodes/month

Hosted by Peter Bell, who is an experienced entrepreneur, technologist, engineering leader, and the founder of CTO Connection, this podcast aims at sharing the experiences of successful engineering leaders at fast-growth tech startups.

In conversation with famous guests such as David Schwartz (CTO of Ripple), Prashant Pandey (CTO of Asana), and Adam Nash (CTO of Dropbox), Peter discusses hiring, motivating, and managing your development teams on a day-to-day basis.

If you run an engineering organization, then CTO Connection can act as a community where you learn first-hand from the experiences of successful peers in the IT industry.

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