Cost-effective, top talent working in the offshore arm of your existing team.

Affordable Talent

Bangalore, known as the Silicon Valley of Asia, is home to a prominent and ambitious IT community. With a huge influx of IT and software specialists from all corners of India, Bangalore continues to attract international corporates like IBM, Microsoft, Amazon and Google which thrive on the abundance of world class talents. 

Quality over quantity
The Scalers help you capitalise on these savvy engineering talents at a fraction of Western prices meaning that you save on costs without compromising on quality. We have scooped up ex-Googlers and other premium developers who readily master the technical expectations of foreign companies, thereby creating a frictionless offshore experience.

Zero Risks
Save up to 60% on your payroll

Mobile Developer


Backend Developer


Frontend Developer


Zero Risks

Whether you need 5 or 500 developers, we fund the entire start up phase including the recruitment process. This means zero initial investments - you only start paying from the day your developers start working for you.

On top of that, we have implemented a 3-month probation period for all employees allowing for much greater flexibility.

Because eliminating risks is key, we proactively involve you from start to finish. Sign-off from you of every major step is built into the process. Our method also includes your key stakeholders, who, in cooperation with our expert teams, will create a sustainable framework for unifying corporate cultures in order to attain excellent results.

Affordable Talent
The Scalers underwrote the initial investment. That was a major factor in our decision to use their services. It provided us with the confidence to know that they were serious. They backed their ability to deliver, and they have. We’re impressed and delighted to be working with them.
Léonard Dupuis

Transparent Billing

Setting up your team in India is as simple as it is transparent; we send you one invoice every month itemising team salaries, the overhead and our management fees. And because we pledge maximum scalability, the more engineers you employ the lower the overhead costs.


Your team’s payroll includes the developers’ salaries, all tax and statutory payments, retirement funds, and perks and benefits.


This includes workspace and equipment so that we are able to provide each developer with what they need, for instance, brand new laptops.

Management Fees

The Scalers’ shared team – HR, admin, client servicing, accountancy etc. A team at your service, all the way.

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