How to hire developers in India to scale your software team

How to hire developers in India

When you want highly skilled developers but you can’t find the talent at home, what do you do? Where do you look? What’s the difference between outsourcing and offshoring? How to hire developers in India or another talent pool? These are the questions often posed by organisations struggling to scale quickly with talented developers, and we’re here to dive deeper.

A redrawn landscape

Despite talking about increased acceleration for years, 2022 and the consequent years will see modern, forward-thinking organisations behaving as almost purely technology business in both external offerings and internal outlook. But to put software at the centre… top-tier developers are essential, otherwise it’s a fruitless endeavour. 41% of IT decision makers surveyed in 2020 cited the talent and skills gap as their biggest challenge

There are a number of different ways that IT decision makers build their tech teams in these post-Covid times, especially as they’ve seen that collaboration can happen when people aren’t in the same geographical location. Remote work, works. But expanding your tech team isn’t the same as having distributed staff in different places. It’s about having either a temporary extension to temporarily ease a bulging project pipeline or a long-term one where the engineers are full time colleagues.

Location, location, location

In certain locations, namely Australia, the US, Canada, and Western Europe — there exists a massive talent shortage of highly skilled engineers. It’s not that they don’t exist, it’s that major players including household-name tech giants have the first choice, and there simply isn’t enough talent to go round for everyone else. 

Cite talent and skills gaps as their biggest challenge

In places like India, the Ukraine, Romania, and the Philippines there’s a surplus of very talented, highly qualified software engineers. It’s important for tech leaders to know how to hire developers in India so that they can increase development capacity and scale on demand. 

How to hire developers in India: which route to take?

Because of these shortages, other models have emerged to help companies in those locations augment their existing development setup to leverage the skills over overseas talent — namely outsourcing and offshoring. 

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Understanding Offshore Development

Your crash course on everything offshoring. What is it? How does it work? Is it for you?

  • Outsourcing is where you work with an external vendor, often known as a software house and is ideal for short-term projects and to temporarily solve a pipeline bulge or sudden capacity decrease. These engineers do not work for you alone. Their focus is split between multiple projects for various clients.
  • Offshoring is where you build a dedicated team of engineers that are integrated into your wider engineering setup. Essentially, you work with them in the same way you do with your developers locally, and they’re full-time colleagues fully invested into your business’ mission and values.

The need to innovate and stay ahead in the race to digital first means there’s pressure in places affected by tech skills deficits. There’s a pressure to find the right talent at the right cost with the right set of skills. In fact, it’s not necessarily a question of how to hire developers in India, but to understand why it’s one of the best options available. 


Why India? Why Bangalore? 

Even though countries like the Philippines and the Ukraine have emerged as top-tier hubs in the software development industry, India as a country places strong emphasis on the importance of education and continual training, with 1.5m engineering graduates produced every year. Building a development team in India grants you access to highly educated, qualified, and successful software developers with the skills needed to scale your business. If your organisation is wondering how to hire developers in India, then it’s worth finding out more about it’s most famous tech hub: Bangalore.

Companies with R&D centre in Bangalore

Today, out of the 12.5 million people who live in Bangalore, almost one million are software developers. In India alone, the IT industry employs 10 million people every year, and 40% of those engineers are produced in the city. There’s a simple reason why it’s colloquially known as ‘The Silicon Valley of Asia’ — the startup scene is strong and it’s home to the R&D centres of a multitude of tech multinationals, including Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.  

The Scalers’ approach: how to hire developers in India in seven steps

Of course, you can work with an external recruitment agency in India to help you build a team. Additionally, freelancer portals like Upwork, Guru and Fiverr give you access to a large talent pool of developers with a wide array of experience, background, and tech stacks. 

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Build your offshore development centre

Increase innovation and deliver at speed in the Silicon Valley of Asia


However, sourcing talent in another country requires a good understanding of the local market. And if you want to focus on growing your business, brainstorming new ideas for your customers, and acquiring new business, it’s often preferable to partner with an offshore team builder like The Scalers. An offshore partner with a proven track record will have a tried-and-trusted method of hiring, aligning, engaging, and running your team — while giving you oversight over the output, just like you would with your engineers at home.

We have a proven methodology for hiring the cream of the crop of Bangalore’s best developers. Our 7-step recruitment process makes sure they’re not only highly talented, but also the right fit for your business and its values and working ethos. 

  • Talent scouting

Initial search, prescreening, and first contact to begin building your tech team from elite candidates.

  • Logical skills testing

An array of tests to make sure candidates can tackle complex problems easily.

  • Technical expertise assessment 

One-day, in-office practical assessment with our technical panel to measure understanding.

  • Mock assignment 

Three-day project done at home to get a holistic overview of a candidate’s ability to architect a solution.

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Driving value: Colmore case study

How we helped a FinTech scale its data insights team to an 85-person R&D hub in Bangalore

  • HR interview

In-depth screening to gain better insight into a candidate’s personality and individual quirks.

  • Manager interview

A conversation to determine whether the developer is the right cultural fit for your business

  • Final stage

You perform the final interviews and choose your champions from the elite final group.

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The Scalers’ Offshore 2.0  approach promotes a strong and unified culture — with your company DNA instilled throughout. It’s a seamless extension of your existing team, with genuine colleagues, not outsourced help.
Deepak Arunachalam
Deepak Arunachalam
COO, The Scalers

How to hire developers in India: wrapping it up

The innovation race is one many organisations are already participating in, and one in which they can’t risk coming last. To be left behind is to face obsolescence, and to see your competition disappear into the distance. To close the gap, understanding how to hire developers in India is a bulletproof solution and a dedicated team is a strategic asset for the long term.

If you’re thinking of embarking on a transformation journey, on becoming a software-driven business then an offshore team can help facilitate your journey. If you want to leverage Bangalore’s IT ecosystem, feel free to reach out to us by filling out the contact form. As experts in building the best engineering teams in India, we can help you build your A-team.