The 7 best offshore development companies

Top 7 offshore development companies

A whopping 77% of companies are experiencing a talent shortage in 2023. Yes, that’s despite tech giant layoffs. Most of them share the same problem: it’s (almost) impossible to hire qualified software engineers to design and build tech.

Does it sound familiar?

In this article, we’ve reviewed the best offshore development companies, from Indian-based firms like The Scalers to industry giants like Intellectsoft. This guide covers everything you need to know to find the right partner for your business.

Read on to discover the advantages of working with an offshore development company and the smarter way to go offshore!

What should I look for in an offshore development company?

As offshore software development means moving your tech operations overseas, this isn’t a decision you should take lightly.

To succeed at it, you must build a relationship of trust and transparency with your service provider. Ultimately, they’ll handle one of your most valuable assets: technology.

Consider the following when looking for an offshore development company.


One of the main reasons businesses hire offshore engineers is to reduce local hiring costs. In fact, the average base salary of a software engineer in the US is $114,768 per year, while the yearly compensation for the same role in India is around $8,393.43.

Not to mention that offshore engineers are known for being skilled and efficient workers. Cost-effectiveness at its finest.

Although it’s tempting to go for the cheapest offshore partner, be cautious. Companies offering low prices often deliver lower-quality engineers, which can negatively affect your project.

The talent pool

Make sure your partner can find the right skills and find them at scale. Find out what countries have the highest number of top software developers and choose a partner that gives you access to the best talent available in the market.

In Europe, Poland and Ukraine are among the top offshoring destinations. Vietnam, The Philippines and India are popular offshoring hubs in Asia.

The management

As a tech leader, you know what it takes to manage multiple teams in a mid-large company. Dedication. Commitment. You name it.

Ask your offshore software development company for the same level of passion and responsibility. See who’s overseeing operations and directing the company’s path. These are the people you’ll be building relationships with.

Reputable industry experts get along best with reputable industry experts, right?

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Understanding Offshore Development

Your crash course on everything offshoring. What is it? How does it work? Is it for you?


Scalability and flexibility

Offshoring, scalability and flexibility are interconnected as an inseparable trio. Or at least, they should be.

When looking for your ideal partner, you’ll find two types of companies: ones that give you direct interaction with your engineering team and others that manage all operations through an account manager.

The first group offers an operating model that provides seamless communication and greater development process monitoring. The second grants you less control and visibility.

The perfect offshore company allows you to scale up your engineering team depending on your unique needs. And all of that with the utmost flexibility.

Let’s say you need six more developers to launch a new product. Now imagine you want to modify a task deadline overnight. If you get both processes done on time, congratulations! You found the best offshore software development company for your business.

Offshore software development market size

However, choosing an offshore software development company takes time and effort. To save you time, we’ve prepared the following list of the top offshore development companies. 

7 best offshore development companies

Here’s a list of the seven best offshore development companies to help you deal with today’s software developer shortage.


The Scalers

The name says it all: The Scalers help companies scale and grow their technical workforce by building software development teams in Bangalore, India. With 70+ dedicated offshore teams built since 2014, The Scalers retain 100% of their partnerships and keep proving their value to current partners across various industries. 

The Scalers proudly say they’re not a typical offshore company – they put emphasis on partnerships and people-centred culture. This Certified Best Place to Work firm hires the top 1% of Indian developers and takes the hassle out of the recruitment, all the operations, and the onboarding process. They hire for you, so you get developers who match the right skills you’re looking for.

Partners collaborate with The Scalers to have an offshore team that meets these three conditions:

  • A fully dedicated offshore software development team: software developers work exclusively with partners and are engaged and aligned with their mission
  • A team built to last: The Scalers hire engineers that work with partners an average of 3-5 years
  • A team that can scale on demand: the teams that The Scalers build usually grow after a year, which allows tech leaders to scale as their product and needs grow

With the Scalers, you can build your own software development team in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of Asia, from a talent pool of 2M+ engineers. The company strikes the ideal balance by blending top Indian engineers with European administration and processes.

Best for

Organisations looking for a long-term in-house software development team and trusted partner on the ground. Working with The Scalers means accessing world-class tech talent and enjoying close collaboration with your newly formed team.

Tech specialists in India


N-iX is a software development services company that offers four core services to customers worldwide:

  • Custom software development: end-to-end solutions, from vision to implementation and support.
  • Product discovery: a two to five-week product testing phase.
  • Team extension: a vast pool of talented engineers ready to join clients’ projects.
  • Technology consulting: a team of tech consultants who design tech strategies.

The firm runs operations from its headquarters in Malta and has delivery centres in three continents: North America (USA), South America (Colombia) and Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Sweden and Bulgaria).

Best for

Businesses who want to build engineering teams and software products. The company specialises in offering cloud, data analytics and embedded software solutions.

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Build an offshore development team

Can’t find the skills you need at home? Stop searching and start scaling


Your Team in India

Your Team in India (YTII) does what its site’s tagline suggests: making businesses more agile, resilient, and future-ready.

This offshore development company help organisations to set up offshore development centres in India or hire dedicated developers for their projects. How? Using a flexible and easy-to-understand hiring model.

Customers can choose a monthly, hourly or fixed-cost project engagement model to work with elite Indian developers.

Best for

Short-term software development projects. If you need a company that can assist you in finding engineers in India for short-duration projects, YTII is a good choice.

Grid Dynamics

Grid Dynamics is a cloud-native organisation that offers various services across delivery centres in the US, Mexico, Europe, and India, from technology consulting to agile engineering teams.

The organisation has 14 years of experience in remote working and virtual global collaboration expertise, and it excels for its excellent productivity and efficiency in any work environment.

As proof of their commitment, the firm ensures that company employees have access to secure equipment and cloud tools available 24/7 from anywhere.

Best for

US-based companies looking for agile engineering remote teams. Grid Dynamics is established as one of the most popular software solutions providers in the tech and ecommerce sector.


BairesDev builds autonomous, dedicated, and tailor-made development teams and runs operations from San Francisco, California. Their engineers collaborate with businesses in over a hundred sectors and work on complex and niche products like developing real estate data management software and edtech platforms.

Essentially, the company offers software development services from conceptualisation to implementation. Customers can augment their engineering teams with other key project players like QA engineers, UX designers, data scientists, and project managers.

Best for

Companies searching for time zone-aligned engineering teams and expertise. BairesDev’s mission is to link companies searching for high-quality software solutions with the top 1% of Latin American developers.

Digital leaders


Belitsoft builds software development teams to modernise, rebuild, or customise software, as well as create new software from scratch.

This Polish-headquartered company works mainly with organisations based in the USA, Europe and Israel and its expertise ranges from developing e-learning and healthcare software to providing cloud solutions.

Belitsoft offers project-based services. The firm is known for completing large and medium-scale projects with DevOps teams distributed in Poland, Latvia and Georgia.

Best for

Companies that need cloud migration services to optimise their costs and implement cybersecurity measures. Belitsoft offer this service using platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud.


Intellectsoft helps Fortune 500 companies to build and scale software solutions. Its core services include product engineering, mobile development, and dedicated development teams.

Intellecsoft’s intelligent team extension allows customers to access the best technical talent in Eastern Europe. The organisation is responsible for resource hiring, team development, staff retention and standard office/IT infrastructure.

Best for

End-to-end app development services, from ideation to ongoing support, for iOS and Android platforms.

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Specialist team: Nextpoint case study

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What’s the best offshore development company?

In the quest for the ideal offshore development company, evaluating critical aspects such as cost-effectiveness, access to exceptional talent, proficient management, and the ability to scale effortlessly is crucial. That’s where The Scalers shine.

When working with The Scalers, you’re partnering with one of the best offshore development companies and an organisation that shares your vision and is committed to fostering your growth.

The Scalers oversee the recruitment, HR and payroll processes and your offshore team’s local setup and administration procedures.

What The Scalers do:

  • Build software engineering teams in Bangalore, India
  • Run your operations. We take care of your people so you can focus on your product
  • Support your business on the ground and help you scale your engineering team anytime you need

What the Scalers don’t do:

  • Build short-term software engineering teams
  • Deliver generic technology or standardised software products

The one thing that truly sets The Scalers apart from other companies is its people-first approach. During recruitment, the organisation ensures that your full-time engineers are a cultural fit for your business.

A dedicated Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) guarantees that your team is in good spirits and engaged with your organisation daily. This means you’ll not only get excellent professionals to join your company but also cultivate a vibrant and motivated workforce.

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The value The Scalers deliver is long-term — Mediolanum Bangalore is an extended part of our team, not individuals disconnected in a different part of the world. It’s been fantastic and much smoother than I could have imagined.
Charles Ellis
Charles Ellis
Head of Analytics, Mediolanum

Are you up for the challenge? Get in touch today to start offshoring software development and building an elite, dynamic engineering team.

Wrapping up: the smarter way to go offshore

In this guide, we’ve reviewed the best offshore development companies today. Whether you’re searching for a quick solution with developers on the bench or a fully dedicated team who will be like your in-house team, there’s a solution for your business in this article.

​​The Scalers stand out as a top contender among offshore software development companies, considering all the essential factors. The Indian-based organisation excels in every category when discussing cost-effectiveness, access to top talent, strong management, and scalability.

Offshore development can provide cost-effectiveness by reducing hiring costs and accessing skilled workers.
Look for offshore development companies that offer access to the best talent pools in countries like India, the Philippines, Poland, and Ukraine.
Consider the management team of the offshore company and ensure they are reputable and responsible.
Choose an offshore development company that offers scalability and flexibility to swiftly scale up your engineering team based on your evolving needs as your business expands.
The Scalers is a top offshore software development company known for building long-term, high-quality development teams. N-iX, Your Team in India, Grid Dynamics, BairesDev, Solofomo, and Intellectsoft are reputable options often better for short-term development projects.

If you’ve read this far, congratulations! You’re one step closer to scaling your business without limits and promptly setting up your engineering team.

For more insights, read our article on the benefits of hiring an offshore in-house team and take your business to new heights today.