Introducing: ‘Scaling Beyond Borders’ — A report on building tech teams in the AI era

How IT decision makers will build their tech teams in the AI era

The release of GPT-3 and, more recently, GPT-4 — the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) language model to date — marked the beginning of a new technological era. By then, CTOs, CIOs, and other IT decision-makers (ITDMs) began questioning how AI would redefine the future of building tech teams.

With 35% of organisations worldwide having adopted AI and 44% working to embed AI into current applications and processes — according to the 2022 IBM Global AI Adoption Index — tech leaders are just scratching the surface of AI potential.

If the Covid-19 pandemic changed the world of work forever, with distributed teams as a norm, AI is set to transform the process of building dedicated development teams.

The role of ITDMs in an uncertain yet exciting future

The dawn of a new tech landscape is forcing businesses to focus on future-proofing their operations. ITDMs now play a vital role in leading data-driven strategies, enabling their organisations to navigate, thrive, and scale in an unpredictable market.

Embracing this transformative journey isn’t a choice anymore: it’s crucial for long-term success.

Today, 93% of ITDMs have implemented or have plans to implement a digital-first business strategy — with investments in AI and machine learning — and prioritise building a development team with niche skills and expertise to make it happen.

Motivated by the profound impact of AI, we saw the need to release a report to assist CTOs and fellow leaders in constructing tech teams in this dynamic and promising AI-driven era.

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Build future-proof dev teams

Discover how to scale development teams in 2023 and beyond


Sneak peek

In Scaling Beyond Borders, we explore how, three years after the strike of the global pandemic, “a new paradigm shift powered by AI is reshaping industries”.

We analyse what’s in the future of building world-class development teams and how companies are tackling the worrying tech talent shortage in their regions in 2023 and beyond.

A tidal shift 2023

Building tech teams before the AI era

Not long ago, organisations focused solely on reducing labour costs when establishing development teams overseas.

Tech leaders often neglected the added value such a distributed setup could offer, and engineering teams were perceived as a distinct entity from the existing in-house development structure.

This approach is what we know as Offshoring 1.0 or traditional offshoring, an outdated way of building tech teams that prioritise cost over value.

Before the AI boom, the cost-focused Offshoring 1.0 approach was an excellent alternative to hiring low-quality local talent. But today, in an increasingly competitive market, companies require a more modern and value-driven approach to building tech teams that prioritise innovation and global collaboration.

Building tech teams in the AI era

The impact of AI in offshoring is undeniable.

For instance, virtual training tools and AI’s potential to apply enhanced cybersecurity measures make tech leaders’ lives easier.

However, AI has its limitations. It can automate tedious tasks but can’t compete with human experience in complex decision-making and building trust and relationships.

But what if you can’t find the right talent in your location?

That’s where Offshoring 2.0 comes in.

Offshoring 2.0 is a modern offshoring approach emphasising long-term partnership and collaboration. Organisations that embrace this approach access a vast talent pool of elite engineers, enjoy hand-off operations, and get the scalability and flexibility they need.

In our report, we analyse the differences between Offshoring 1.0 and Offshoring 2.0 and explain why a more modern approach to offshoring represents the future of building tech teams.

Spotlight offshore 2.0

Future-proof your business

AI is here to stay, offering automation and innovative solutions to organisations worldwide.

But, far from replacing the human touch in building tech teams, ITDMs will still need to hire (human) developers. Knowing the challenges related to talent shortages, partnering with the right offshore software development companies to find and onboard top engineering talent can be a key for success.

If you’re a prominent tech leader looking to build a dedicated development team, Scaling Beyond Borders serves as a roadmap to finding the right talent and scaling your business in the AI era.

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What will you learn?

  • How the role of IT decision-makers (ITDMs) is evolving in the era of AI and what it means for future tech teams.
  • The transition from traditional offshoring (Offshoring 1.0) to a modern, value-driven approach (Offshoring 2.0) in building tech teams.
  • Why a more modern approach to offshoring is essential in the AI era and how it differs from the cost-focused approach.
  • The continued importance of human expertise in building tech teams despite the rise of AI.
  • How to find and onboard top engineering talent by partnering with offshore software development companies in the AI era.

Download our latest report for deeper insights into Offshoring 2.0 and the evolving strategies for building tech teams beyond 2023.