Hiring offshore embedded engineers for your software team

Hiring offshore embedded engineers

No matter your industry, the competition to build the best software or application is fierce. This reason is why software engineers are the backbone of all organisations. Specifically, embedded software developers are best at dealing with the complexities and ensuring that embedded solutions are error-free and work seamlessly with consumer devices. But what does this mean? And of course, to properly leverage this type of technology, you need elite-tier embedded engineers. Let’s look a little deeper. 

Embedded software 101

Embedded systems have been around for at least 50 years. In today’s world, they are everywhere. The need for embedded software development has grown exponentially, with the Internet of Things (IoT) becoming increasingly crucial in our daily lives. Embedded engineers are responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining embedded systems. They prepare and write code to control machines and devices. They specialise in developing programs for specific hardware used in devices such as cars, modems, appliances, and cellular devices. 

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The desire to connect every device to the internet and expand the internet of things (IoT) has increased the demand for embedded engineers

Numerous industries use embedded software and applications, including healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, energy, automotive, and aviation. They develop embedded devices using advanced programming languages like C/C++. 

By 2025, over 41m devices could be connected to the IoT

Embedded engineers are capable of helping organisations become more efficient and find scalable ways to migrate their data solutions to the cloud by applying their skills. Because embedded systems have numerous applications, there is increasing competition for local talent. This is why these developers are so invaluable to any software or tech company, but where do you recruit more if you want to scale your organisation?

Locating skills unavailable at home

Unfortunately, it’s difficult for organisations to find engineers specialising in software integration locally. There are not enough educated engineers for companies located in the West to plan and implement enterprise-scale technology integrations. As a result, assembling an on-site team has become increasingly challenging. The wasteful practice of trying but failing to recruit the right people drains an organisation’s budget and exhausts its resources. Often when the engineers are indeed available at home, they’re incredibly hard to retain as the biggest companies have a monopoly on top talent.

Embedded systems use 98% of all microprocessors globally

Simply put, by offshoring your embedded engineer team you can find engineers with skills unavailable at home. Offshoring your embedded teams is ideal for companies seeking access to a larger talent pool without losing control of their processes. Having an offshore partner that can hire embedded engineers with extensive experience in big data can be a valuable resource. After all, these individuals possess skills such as accessing all enterprise data in one place, switching between cloud providers seamlessly, predicting and optimising spending, and scaling their service operations as needed.

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Aligning embedded engineers with your vision

Companies can save time and money by outsourcing or offshoring embedded engineers while improving workflow efficiency and flexibility. Outsourcing involves assigning a business’s secondary functions or operations to a third party. By outsourcing, a company works with another company to perform a specific task, often focused on leveraging short-term gains in hopes of cost-cutting.
Offshoring focuses on sustainability by offering organisations fully-aligned long-term software development. As mentioned, this is different from traditional outsourcing, where an external third-party vendor assigns developers to you with little regard for cultural fit or long-term success. Offshoring works over long periods as it’s about integrating dedicated engineers into your organisation.

As a market embedded software will grow

To do so, you treat them as an extension of your team and grow together. This approach is ensured in various ways, for instance, by making security protocols the same across teams, standardising quality assurance aims, synchronising agile development methodologies, and defining one globally recognised company culture. Put simply, offshore engineers are a genuine part of your wider setup — full-time colleagues in every sense — as opposed to project-based external support.

Recruiting developers for long-term success

For embedded software engineers to positively impact your company, they need to focus on your long-term success. It’s not enough to traditionally outsource on a project-by-project basis. Your most complex applications and devices will require continuous maintenance and enhancements over time, which can be handled by an embedded team of outsourced software developers. 

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Working with an offshore partner that has experience hiring embedded engineers can help you obtain and retain the niche skills that are hard to find at home

Once you find the right offshoring partner, you can align the team you build with your vision. This alignment enables you to take your project from the discovery phase to product validation, testing, maintenance, and support more efficiently.

Using an offshore team directly allows you to take care of your products and create an efficient workflow without compromising quality. It would help if you had the guidance and assistance of experts in the field and experienced technology professionals to get the most out of your embedded team.

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Considering embedded engineers for your team?

Offshoring software development allows businesses to hire a team of highly qualified and experienced developers. Since they possess strong expertise and a deep understanding of the market, they can provide much-needed flexibility.

There are many reasons organisations have begun looking overseas to seek out embedded engineers with the right qualifications and experience. An offshoring partner can help you build a permanent team of developers and leverage the most secure and cost-effective strategies. 

At The Scalers, we are a partner that can hire and develop your offshore development team to meet your specific needs. We can accomplish this by way of a rigorous recruitment strategy, giving candidates technical tests, a series of interviews and cognitive and aptitude tests. Feel free to contact us if you’re seeking an offshore engineering team to fill your organisation’s skills gaps. One of our senior executives will contact you and help you move forward.